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When queuing as a healer for a dungeon, I get the same sinking feeling in my gut when the loading screen for Shado-Pan Monastery comes up as I did when Grim Batol came up in Cata.

I love the tier 16 hunter set, especially from LFR. I am unmogging most of my gear because I feel like a laser unicorn ready for battle.

and its just great.

Just need to find a nice cloak and weapon to match for transmog…and maybe pet.


If you have been following me for awhile, you probably already know this stuff but I’m gonna talk about it anyways.

I started playing WoW in 2009. A person I worked with was in a local guild on a different server, so my ex and I transferred to play with them. They taught me so much about how to play, from taking me on my first dungeon at level 80 to my first raid in  Naxx. We started meeting up at bars and having meetups. As time went on, I moved from being a member to an Officer and we started getting serious about raiding. Killing Lich King with them is still one of my best memories in WoW.


Before Cata was released, we made the decision to transfer from Chromaggus to Kil’jaeden. We soon picked up a ton of people and a lot of stuff changed. Some of it was for the better, some not-so-much. We were top 20 on a high pop server, which is a long ways from barely killing LK with a 30% buff.



At our “peak” in Cata, we had four 10-mans running. As a person in a leadership position, it was a lot of organization. We ran guild events ingame, and I hosted two BBQ’s IRL. At some point in Cata, Fork promoted me to Guild Leader because she wasn’t as active in the game. We slowly downsized until we were down to one heroic 10-man team by the end of Cata. For MoP, we decided to stay that way (we had 2 other groups running at some point but both fell apart). It was easier to organize and almost everyone on the raid team was a personal friend. We did well, I think.











We were working on heroics in Heart of Fear when Throne was released. Keeping players started becoming difficult. Real life obligations came up for some of our favorite players and the new people weren’t keeping up and were causing rifts in the guild. We were cruising through Throne but it wasn’t fun. We perpetually had an 8 person team and pugging was holding us back. The stress got to us.

In game, this group went through wiping on Heroic Rag for weeks. We went through entire teams leaving, guild drama, legendary weapons. People quit, people came back, new people joined and stuck around. In real life, people got married, had babies, broke up, became roommates, dated, everything. We stuck together though.

In late March 2013, we had a IRL guild meetup because one of our mages was flying up from Colorado. After drinking and talking about our lives and raiding, we came to the realization that, for a lot of us, WoW wasn’t fitting into our lives. Justin and I made the decision to quit the raid team, and almost everyone quit playing all together. A couple of people left to raid elsewhere and quit later on, or started playing casually. We still had a BBQ last summer (last photo) and we’re having a holiday party in December. These are my best friends.

Justin and I are playing again. Its been tough trying to catch up on gear. We’ve both decided that we want to raid again. The guild is all but a ghost town. I plan to put the word out that we are looking to put things back together but I honestly don’t know how many of our friends will want to play again, or if I want the stress of leading again. So, for the first time since I was level 72, I’m looking for a guild. I’m not sure which character to be gearing up because both are ~ilvl 516 (hunter and resto druid). My boyfriend has a blood DK and his hunter. We’re aiming for him tanking and me DPSing on my hunter, but I am almost equally ok with playing my healer. Its scary for me, I’m always worried I won’t be good enough and I’ll get laughed off a new team. We’re also a whole tier behind and a lot of recruiting guilds are looking for people with legendary cloaks which neither of us have finished yet. He is vrey confident and ready to dive in head first, and he’s a top notch player so I can understand that. I haven’t been on a team that I wasn’t leading since Knolin was commanding us through Firelands. We don’t want to realm transfer, but I guess if it was an ideal situation we might consider it.


So I guess here it is. I’m looking for people to do flex raids with to get caught up on gear and mechanics. I pull my weight and consider myself an above-average player. Maybe even a guild if its the right people.

I really love the updated female dwarf art

They made her look fierce and awesome. and still looks like a female dwarf.

Nov 9

Watching Blizzcon videos from yesterday

I kinda feel like Warlords of Draenor is the like, please the players expansion. People have been begging on the forums for years for player housing, model updates, content “like BC”, PvP where skill matters more than gear, etc. I’m not excited for it in the way that I was for Mists, but I think its necessary. MoP was a polarizing expansion announcement, with a large part of the community complaining long before it was released. They hated the concept, hated the pandas, hated the art. There were also a lot of people who were excited and interested (like myself) and maybe were really tired of hearing the “kung-fu panda” comparison.

WoD is on track to address a lot of long standing ideas and issues, I think that says a lot about Blizzard giving their customers what they ask for. Its not easy to make new character models that look like old ones, but Shiny! Without the right tech, player housing would be buggy and suck. I really hope its a smooth and fun expansion.

Oct 2

Holy shit was I spoiled during my raiding career. Flying solo is crazy expensive. I never had a lot of gold but we had more enchanting, flask, and jewelcrafting mats than a single guild bank could hold, plus you know, like two dozen people who could craft that stuff for free or at incredible discounts. This is literally the only time since I was level 72 that I’ve had to think about how to pay for improving my gear.

Doing LFR with a decent group today made me have really heavy pangs of nostalgia. Everything between ICC and ToT was so…memorable. When the group clicked, when we struggled and persevered, was worth the time spent. Those people were and are my friends, we still meet up for BBQs and parties, and the relationships hold their own without WoW but damn did we have FUN.

Oct 1

I dipped my toe into raiding today and did the first wing of ToT LFR. Somehow I out-dps’d the hunters who had 20-30 ilvls on me but I can only attribute that to not being afk. I haven’t raided since a couple of weeks after 5.3 was released. The rotation is muscle memory still but I kind of had a “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING????” moment at each boss pull. When we quit, we had just downed Ji’kun. Now I want to go finish ToT in LFR but I don’t know the mechanics for any of the other bosses are????? And I forgot where to get the new-old gold tokens for bonus rolls. I haven’t felt like this much of a noob since ICC.

Oct 1

Silvermoon transmog for Halloween. Maybe need a spookier one later.

Items and details can be seen here: MogUp

WoW Noob Confession #981

When I began playing WoW near the beginning of Wrath, my ex-boyfriend (the one who got me started in the game) warned me that sending large amounts of gold through the mail system would look suspicious to Blizzard (Yea, screw him right?).

In an effort to appear innocent when mailing my wee alt gold, I would basically role play with myself. If I sent myself more than 50 gold (because that was a lot of gold to me), I would write myself a letter so it looked like a part of the game and not like a chinese gold farmer. Like,

“Grettings Festra! It has been quite some time since I last heard from you. I hope this letter finds you in good health, despite your undead affliction. Here is a little gold, buy yourself something Rare and pretty. Cheers, Ray.”

Yea. I RP’d with myself.

Coming back

I unsubbed from WoW in mid-April of this year. I wrote a longish post about why. Not because “omg the game is for casuals” “i hate what blizz has done to MY game” etc. It didn’t really have to do with the game, but with my life and what I had planned for the summer. The weather is turning dark again and while I have a whole host of PC games I haven’t even touched yet, Azeroth was calling me back. I had been sort of keeping up on MMO Champ and r/wow which didn’t really help my resolve.

Last night I added a few days of game time and reinstalled WoW. I actually felt butterflies when I opened up the game and logged in. I was in the Shrine near the guild bank. A few old friends were on but none of my close guildies or friends. Our guild was almost exactly as I left it. I had handed guild leadership to Fork (previous leader and friend) before I quit. She had quit or decided to play much less later on, and handed guild leadership to a longtime member and raider, Loli. He raids on a different character in a different guild now but still logs into this toon to play. There are a handful of people who had logged in within the last week or so. Most people had also quit the game or left the guild. The guild bank appeared to be mostly liquidated with 311k gold loitering in the coffers. I had deposited most of my gold before I quit but I still have 1k, I guess I had kept it in case I came back.

The World of Warcraft kept turning while I was away. That makes me glad and a little noobish feeling. I don’t plan to join a raid team or make huge time commitments, but my hunter’s 500 ilvl which once seemed so badass now needs to be caught up if I want to join any pugs. The only thing I wish I had done before I left was backup my addons.